NOVIEMBRE 2003 N° 2 Volumen 1

The importance of the "theory-practice-research" relationship in the academic teaching of Nursing at university level



Norelis Josefina Mendoza


Profesora de la Universidad Centroccidental de Venezuela. Alumna del Doctorado en Enfermería de la Universidad de Alicante, España.

Contact email: noremendoza@hotmail.com


This article depicts the relationship between the Critical Theory of Carr and Kemmis and the academic training of nursing professionals. The main objective of this paper is to show the existing relevance between "theory-practice and research" and the commitment of university teaching nursing staff, students, parents and education administrators, within the scope of what is considered a critical educative science. The need to integrate both theory and practice into the training of nursing professionals is also evident. It also makes it possible for education to have a more critical approach within the process of learning/teaching, in a situation of dialogue and exchange, capable of fructifying a new education culture that would involve the active participation of every one so that a quality nursing practice is performed. Moreover, within this context, reference is made to the training of university staff, specifically nursing teaching staff, which should be in line with the complex ecology of the real situations presented in the classroom such as uncertainty, instability, dilemmas, complexity, ambiguity, and so on, all of it for the purpose of filling the gap between theory and practice.


nursing; education; critical theory

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La importancia de la relación teoría-práctica-investigación en la docencia universitaria de Enfermería