MAYO 2006 N° 5 Volumen 4

Academic experience in the administration of nursing services: an observation on valued-based business innovation



Pilar Marqués Sánchez


Profesora Titular de Administración de Servicios de Enfermería. Escuela Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad de León (Campus de Ponferrada). Diplomada en Enfermería. Licenciada en Humanidades.

Contact email: defpms@unileon.es


Based on a value perspective, we have been working on the subject of Administration of Nursing Services (Escuela Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad de León, Campus de Ponferrada) in relation to the design of companies that no doubt convey professional success for those entrepreneurs who are willing to innovate, to run risks and to work rigorously and with self-discipline. This business design attempts to discover other working fields different to those commonly known to our students, such as the hospital sector, primary care, insurance companies, etc. The subject uses a very important and significant approach that the students must maintain at all times: the design organizations will be focusing on the individual. Arie de Geus talked about leaving businesses and one of the most daring keys that he advocated to maintain this “biological organism” was that “the first objective of a business is not to make a benefit but to recruit, retain and train good individuals”. This will be the backbone of our project.
Good people are social treasures who may not always have the necessary magnetic capacity but that can be necessarily explorable and exploitable. Bad people however are truly a social blemish and usually appeal more than what would be recommendable. This brief reflection is made because the human capital that conforms our organisastional architecture will be precisely the engine that will fight for the compliance with the strategic planning and for continued progress. We are referring to commitment , loyalty, self-discipline, tolerance, trust, efficacy, creatitvity, efficiency, and many other significant values applicable not only in the business world but also in our personal life. Destruction is totally the opposite: lack of health, pain, suffering, and evidently, a cost increase for the companies.
Nursing students have worked intensively on this initiative, with illusion and overcoming many difficulties. Such initiative has to come up with a “company idea” and manage the “business language”. The results obtained so far have been highly successful. This article presents briefly the ideas of these companies. The conceptual framework chosen for this purpose has been the “Per value Direction o Per Value Management”, successfully completed by professors Salvador García and Simon Dolan in 1997.


per value directionpeople-focused organisation

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Experiencia docente en Administración de Servicios de Enfermería: observatorio de innovación empresarial basado en valores