ENERO 2004 N° 1 Volumen 2

Research project: Nursing care in the sexuality pattern of a person suffering from depression. Intervention as a couple



María Ana Pedreño Aznar


Enfermera. Universidad de Murcia.

Contact address

C/ Guzmán, 2. San Antón, 30205 Cartagena.

Contact email: marpedazn@hotmail.com


The purpose of this project is to study how depression affects couple relationships,  especially their sexuality, and proposes an intervention plan carried out by the nursing specialist in mental health.
The analysis is based on the “sexuality-reproduction pattern”, proposed by Marjory Gordon, present in patients diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and treated at the Unit of Mental Health. If, after the evaluation, the nursing diagnosis is that of “Sex dysfunction” with repercussions on the couple, the need to implement an intervention plan or some kind of sexual counselling will be evaluated, depending on inclusion/exclusion criteria.
The main hypothesis is that the approach to sexual problems as a couple, these problems having been caused by depression  and detected by the actual couple with the assistance of the nurse, will improve the quality of the relationship. With that, the support system of the patient will increase, favouring the recovery period.
The concepts of depression, sexuality and level of communication will be studied. The nursing intervention will be carried out by means of help relationships and a method for the resolution of problems.
For the research, a qualitative methodology is proposed through the performance of in-depth interviews, as the purpose is to obtain in depth information on feelings and individual perceptions.


specialist nurse; mental health; couple; depression; sexualitycommunication

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Proyecto de investigación: atención de Enfermería en el patrón sexualidad de la persona con depresión. Intervención en pareja