DICIEMBRE 2007 N° 10 Volumen 5

Transculturing in neonatal intensive care units?



Yunia Hernández Ledesma


Licenciada en Enfermería.

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C/ Mariana Grajales, 64, esquina a Colón. Pinar del Río, 20100 Cuba.


Nursing has had a historical-social development in relation to the health of the population and as time has passed by, has gradually elaborated and developed a working method that allows for the provision of healthcare in a rational, logical and systematic manner. Both as a science and an art, is considered to be the care given to an individual whom, in relation to his or her environment, has health problems. The science of nursing is based on an extensive system of theories. According to Madeleine Leininger, the goal of the profession is to provide responsible and culturally coherent care that reasonably adjusts to the needs, values, beliefs, and life styles of the patients.”

The main objective of neonatal care is to have children with optimal physical, intellectual and social development; hence the importance for the care given to have a holistic vision that should take into account the gestational age at the time of birth, sex, conditions of the setting they are born into, characteristics of the parents, including the cultural level, their origin, and social status, all of which are key aspects that determine the success of the nurse-patient relationship.


nursing; cultural careneonatology

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¿Transculturación en las salas de cuidados intensivos neonatales?