Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MARZO 2008 N° 2 Volumen 11

Efficacy of thermoplastic casts in carpal tunnel syndrome

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Moreno Calvo O, Morata Fernández C, Rodríguez Sancho MY, Jarque Blasco MA. Eficacia de las férulas termoplásticas en el síndrome del tunel carpiano. Metas de Enferm mar 2008; 11(2): 16-19


María Yolanda Rodríguez Sancho, María Ascensión Jarque Blasco, Olimpia Moreno Calvo, Carolina Morata Fernández


Enfermeras del Equipo de Atención Primaria Gavarra. Institut Català de la Salut.

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C/ Bellaterra, 41. 08940 Cornellá (Barcelona)

Contact email: omoreno.cp.ics@gencat.net


Objectives: to determine the perception that patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) had regarding the usefulness (reduced pain and night rest) of thermoplastic casts (TC), to describe the length of time TCs were in place for, to identify the main reasons that led to removal of the TCs, whether or not surgery (S) was performed subsequently and to describe some sociodemographic characteristics of the study population.
Material and methods: observational, descriptive, cross-sectional study. Forty seven individuals were studied (7 of these had bilateral CTS in both wrists). A thermoplastic cast was placed in position as treatment. Pain was assessed pre and post placements of the TCs. Data were obtained from the noted made on the medial chart and by means of a telephone interview.
Results: mean pain decreased following use of TCs from 7,06 (SD: 2,18) down to 3,8 (SD: 2,41). Night rest also improved in a 76,6% (36/47), with a significant relationship being established among both variables (P=0,0001).
Conclusions: the use of TCs in CTS is effective in that it reduces pain and improves the patient’s night rest.

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Eficacia de las férulas termoplásticas en el síndrome del tunel carpiano