Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 2008 N° 3 Volumen 11

Return of the patient after hospital discharge: important factor to follow up the surgical wound

Section: Health and quality of life

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Mesquita Melo E, T Lima FE, GLF Veras JE. Retorno del paciente post-alta hospitalaria: factor importante en el seguimiento de la herida. Metas de Enferm abr 2008; 11(3): 50-53


1Elizabeth Mesquita Melo, 2Francisca Elisàngela T Lima, 3Islene V Barbosa, 4Joelna Eline GLF Veras


1Doctora en Enfermería. Enfermera del Hospital Distrital Evandro Ayres de Moura y del Hospital São José de Enfermedades Infecciosas. 2Universidad Federal do Ceará, Brasil.3Central de Transplantes do Ceará, Brasil.4Enfermera Clínica. Hospital Distrital Evandro Ayres de Moura. Universidad Federal do Ceará, Brasil.

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Rua Ageu Romero, 100, apto. 02, São Gerardo. CEP: 60.325-110 Fortaleza-CE

Contact email: elizjornet@yahoo.com.br


It is becoming standard for patients to be discharged son after their surgery and for them to continue requiring wound care after discharge. The objective of this paper is to describe the experience of the patient who return for wound care and follow up after discharge.
Methodology: descriptive study with qualitative techniques carried out between july and september 2005, at the Fortaleza-Ceará district hospital. Data were compiled by means of a semi structured interview administered to eight patients at the time of their return to the hospital to have their wound examined.
Results: data obtained from the patients responses were organised into categories based on the analysis and grouping of such data.
Feelings of sadness, fear, insecurity and a feeling to run away were identified in the patients when faced with the existence of the wound. These feelings are counteracted by the sense of professionalism and availability of good technical means and materials in the hospital setting. Nursing recommendations and advice are considered as important by the patient and incentivise self-care.


wound; care; patient perception; qualitymanaged care

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Retorno del paciente post-alta hospitalaria: factor importante en el seguimiento de la herida