Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

DICIEMBRE 1998 N° 11 Volumen 2

How do they perceive the postpartum-care providers?

Section: Originals


Sebastián Daniel Lupión Glez, Antonio Porras Cabrera, Remedios Fernández Amores, Concha Bilbao Guerrero, Ana Saez Moleón, Dolores Ruiz Diana


Profesores de la Escuela Universitaria de C.C. de la Salud, Dpto. de Enfermería, Universidad de Málaga.

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Escuela Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud.Avda. Martiricos , s/n. 29009 Málaga.


The client is the centre of the health system, therefore it is important to know his or perceptions regarding the attention that is provided. If the institution overlooks this elementary principle would have great deficiencies and a subsequent impact on the clients and the health professionals. Since nurses have the most direct contact with the cent there ids a reasonable concern on the factors connecting perceived quality attention with personal treatment.

A descriptive transversal study was done to investigate the preference son personal treatment and the confidence on the health professionals by the women during puerperal period while were admitted at the Malaga Maternity Hospital. The sample consisted on 156 women undergoing vaginal delivering during January 1997. An ad hoc instrument was developed and validation for verbal understanding was done. The results shown that 75’3% preferred to be treated in a casual manner by kind ofhealth professionals. There is a statically significant correlation between the education level of the women and the confidence on nurse to solve their health problems. The better knowledge of the characteristics of this population and how they perceive the provided attention will be helpful to improve our offer of nursing care.


nursing; perceived qualitypersonal treatment

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¿Cómo perciben las puérperas a los profesionales que las atienden?