Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

FEBRERO 2009 N° 1 Volumen 12

Internal communication in the Nursing team

Section: Healthcare Management

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Plaza Escribano T, Martínez Chamorro C, Rodríguez Gonzalo A. Comunicación interna en el equipo de Enfermería. Metas de Enferm feb 2009; 12(1): 8-12


1Teresa Plaza Escribano, 1Cristina Martínez Chamorro, 2Ana Rodríguez Gonzalo


1Diplomada en Enfermería. Departamento de Formación, Investigación y Procesos de Enfermería. Miembro del grupo GIERyC. Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, Madrid.2Profesora del Departamento de Enfermería y Fisioterapia. Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

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Hospital Ramón y Cajal. Ctra. de Colmenar Viejo, km 9,100. 28034 Madrid.

Contact email: tplazaescribano@gmail.com


Introduction: every day new obstacles arise in the exchange of information that takes place in the interaction process between supervisors and nursing staff, which may negatively affect good clinical practice.
Objectives: to learn about the motivation of nursing professionals and existing communication channels.
Methodology: cross-sectional descriptive study. Population: Ramón y Cajal Hospital (Madrid) nurses from the hospitalization area. Instrument: Self-designed questionnaire comprised of 22 closed questions and one open question. Analyzed variables: sociodemographic, work-related, motivation in communication, communication channels and improvement proposals.
Results: 107 questionnaires were completed (82,9%). Nurses consider receiving information related to their professional practice very important. The bulletin board is the most frequently used information exhange channel. Nurses claim it is harder to receive information through computer channels (computerised data) and that a lot of information arrives in the form of rumours or worse still gossip. Nurses suggest increasing the number of meetings and having all the information conveyed in writing.
Conclusions: managers are key to information management so communication can be as efficient as possible.


internal communication; Nursing team; supervisioncommunication obstacles

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Comunicación interna en el equipo de Enfermería