Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 2009 N° 3 Volumen 12

Current situation of the kangaroo method in Spain

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Estrany Cuéllar S, Fernández Lalueza C, Galdeano Escuder P. Situación actual del método canguro en España. Metas de Enferm abr 2009; 12(3): 50-54


Sheila Estrany Cuéllar, Cristina Fernández Lalueza, Patricia Galdeano Escuder


Diplomadas en Enfermería. Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. Eplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona).

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C/ Peris Mencheta, 37, 3º-2ª. 08032 Barcelona.

Contact email: sestrany@hsjdbcn.org


Objectives: to identify public and semi-private or sponsored Spanish hospitals that have a neonatal ICU or units specialized in premature and/or low birth <2500 g newborns, which use the Kangaroo Mother Care (KM) method.
To identify if they have a protocol for this technique, to ascertain the characteristics of how this method is carried out and to compare the current method in Spain with the protocolized kangaroo method.
Material and methods: a cross-sectional, descriptive, observational study was conducted between september of 2006 and april of 2007. Data was obtained by means of a telephone interview consisting of a 20-question questionnaire: this questionnaire gathered information on hospital characteristics, performance of the KM, training and registry of this method and existing protocols.
Results: the survey was administered to 165 hospitals. 87,7% of neonatal units did not know about or had heard about the KM.
The KM was carried out in 63% of cases. The autonomous communities that used it most were: Catalonia 20,8%, Valencia 16,6%, Andalucia 14,3% and Madrid 13%. Only 22% had a protocolized KM and 14% was awaiting its introduction.
Conclusions: a high knowledge and low application of the KM is highlighted.
The main reason for low application is that our units’ infrastructures are inadequate to perform this method. The ideal visiting hours would be open 24 hours, but closed hours are the standard. It is considered a part of nursing care of low profile and scarce protocols.


kangaroo method; skin-to-skin contact; premature infants; low weight; neonates; breastfeeding; family care; humanisation; researchdescriptive

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Situación actual del método canguro en España