Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JULIO 2009 N° 6 Volumen 12

The other face of the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

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Escudero Peinador M. La otra cara del Síndrome de Sensibilidad Química Múltiple. Metas de Enferm jul/ago 2009; 12(6): 58-61


Mercedes Escudero Peinador


Diplomada de Enfermería. Experta Universitaria en Nutrición y Dietética III. Experta Profesional en Enfermería Legal y Formativa.

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C/ Curtidores, 5 Escl, 1, 2º D. 40002 Segovia.

Contact email: mercedescudero@gmail.com


The Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome is a chronic disease linked to the excessive pouring of chemical residues as well as chemical agents used in daily life into the environment. Neuronal sensitivisation is the underlying organic basis that explains from a toxicological point of view how tolerance to the products that affect neurons is lost.     
The objective of this paper is to inform about this syndrome from the point of view of the affected individuals; aspects of the disease such as physical problems, disturbed working capacity, altered family life and leisure time, limitation of self-autonomy, involuntary social isolation to which the sufferers of this disease are subjected to, the vital, emotional and economic costs, and how the disease prevents patients from making any plans for the future.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome; physical problems; emotional problems; family problems; social problems; neurone response; chemical agents; toxic agents; environment; quality of lifeautonomy

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La otra cara del Síndrome de Sensibilidad Química Múltiple