Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 1999 N° 14 Volumen 2

Sources of information for nurses: comparison between the databases Medline and Cinahl

Section: Originals


1Isabel Coma i Campmany, 2Rosa de Dios y Sánchez, 3Carme Montcusí i Puig


1Bibliotecaria de l´Escola Universitària “Creu Roja” de Terrasa.2Bibliotecaria de l´Escola Universitària d’Infermería del Mar de Barcelona.3Bibliotecaria de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Secció d’Infermería de Tarragona.

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C/ de la Riba, 90. 08221 Terrasa, Barcelona.

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Since the apparition in the 80´s of the first bibliographical database in CD-ROM, their number and their availability has considerably increased. In Spain there are two databases specialising in nursing:Cuiden (http://www.doc6.es/index) and Cuidatge (http://wisser-ver:90/). However, the American databases MEDLINE and CINAHL are consulted more often.

Starting from previous studies, we established new premises and carried out specific bibliographic investigation into eight topics directly related with nursing, in which we compared the total number of entries of the two databases, the number of single entries and coincidental entries, the number of entries with summaries and the availability of articles.

The investigation has allowed us to evaluate the adequacy of bothdatabases and the relevancy and depth of their results. We have concluded that CINAHL and MEDLINE are two excellent databases,essential for our profession. CINAHL is better suited for nursing and MEDLINE for medical matters, but on the whole it is advisable, if possible to consult both databases for any research work.


databases; nursing research; CinahlMedline

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Fuentes de información para enfermería: comparación entre las bases de datos Cinahl y Medline