Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JUNIO 1999 N° 16 Volumen 2

Draft of interrelation: patient care nephrostomic

Section: Hands on


1Ana Isabel Marco Carcelén, 2Lourdes Jiménez Bondía


1Enfermera de AP del Centro de Salud Plaça de Dins de Alcoy.2Enfermera de AE del Hospital Verge dels Lliris de Alcoy.

Contact address

Hospital Verge dels Lliris Polígono de Caramanchel, s/n. 03800 Alcoy, Alicante.


The following work has been developed in the Health area nº 14 of Alcoy, between the Specialized Carefulness levels (service of Radiologic) and Primary Carefulness. The Health area encompasses a population of approximately 160.000 inhabitants.

It was developed a performance protocol for the team work of both assistance levels in the patient care nephrostomic,with some improvement results in the assistance quality,fomentation of the interrelationship, greater occupational efficiency, unification of performance and shunt criteria to the hospital in the event of complications.


patient nephrostomic; carefulness protocolinterrelationship

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Proyecto de interrelación: cuidados al paciente nefrostomizado