Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 2000 N° 24 Volumen 3

Emergency attention of a patient with peripheral arterial disease

Section: Hands on


Jorge Zamora Ortiz


Diplomado en Enfermería. Servicio de Urgencias  del Hospital General de Valencia.

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C/ Jaime Roig, 14 - 1º 46111 Rocafort, Valencia.


Atherosclerosis is a pathological process more and more frequentin the population being one of their main statements, theperipheral vascular disease, clinical condition of the case that ispresented.

The professional nurses must be prepared technically as well ashaving enough knowledge and ability to manage the symptoms,signs and complications derived from this pathology.

It is essential the right utilization of ther nursing basic workinstrument, Nursing Care Process, that allows planning andorganizing the care, that nurses later execute, and finally assessingthe results.


atheroesclerosis; nursing care planPeripheral Artherial Disease

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Atención en Urgencias a un paciente con oclusión arterial periférica