Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MAYO 2000 N° 25 Volumen 3

The Patient’s Hotel to service the community

Section: Healthcare Management


1Dolores Calvo Seijas, 2Covadonga Lemos García


1Enfermera supervisora del Hotel de Pacientes. 2Enfermera Coordinadora de Trasplantes. Complexo Hospitalario “Juan Canalejo”, A Coruña.

Contact address

Hotel de Pacientes.Complexo Hospitalario “Juan Canalejo” As Xubias, 84. 15006 A Coruña.


The Patients Hotel in the Juan Canalejo Hospital in A Coruña, wasinaugurated in 1993. Its most important objective is to provideappropriate lodging to patients undergoing subsidiary diagnostics ortreatments who do not require hospital care.

With this system, we hope to provide a service to the user as well asan improved use of hospital beds.

The results obtained these years have been very satisfactory, both thesatisfaction expressed by the patients, as well as the efficiency andprofitability. This brings us to propose the need to provide betterservices and an improved infrastructure in the Patients Hotel.


patient’s hotel; management innovationshealth care expenses

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El hotel de pacientes al servicio de la comunidad