Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

OCTUBRE 2000 N° 29 Volumen 3

Design of a health education program to the prevention of cervical and back troubles

Section: Hands on


1Mª Ángeles Barrio Guirado, 2María Feijoo Cid, 3Ana Finestres Capdevila, 4Elisabet Gómez Felices


1Diplomada en Enfermería. Hospital Traumatología Valle Hebrón.2Licenciada en Antropología. Diplomada en Enfermería. Hospital General Valle Hebrón.3Licenciada en Traducción e Interpretación, Diplomada en Enfermería. Hospital Traumatología Valle Hebrón. 4Diplomada en Enfermería. Hospital General Valle Hebrón.

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Sta. Joana d’Arc 34-36, ático 2ª. 08032 Barcelona.


The labour health focused on the correct postural ergonomics of thespine is the main point of this article. The latest studies show that100% of the people will be sometimes affected by this problemduring their lives.

The health education program that is presented is based on results ofa previous transverse descriptive study. The prevention of cervical andback troubles in employees in the metallurgic sector is the mainobjective of the program. These problems provoke an importantincrease of working absenteeism.


health education; labour health; ergonomics; prevention; back troublecervical trouble

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Diseño de un programa de ducación sanitaria para la prevención de Lumbalgias y Cervicalgias