Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MARZO 2002 N° 43 Volumen 5

Effectiveness of the new transparent adhesive Alterna Ideal versus Alterna in Urostomy Patients

Section: Estudios del Sector

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Lerín P et al. Efectividad del nuevo adhesivo transparente Alterna Ideal versus el adhesivo Alterna en personas urostomizadas. Metas de Enfermería mar 2002; 5(2): 50-54


Pilar Lerín Cabrejas1, Isabel Cantarino Martí2, Mª Ángeles Cantó3, Sagrario del Corral Gómez4, Julia Gorjón H


Diplomada en Enfermería. Asociación de Ostomizados de Zaragoza1, Diplomada en Enfermería. Hospital de Sagunto Valencia

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Asoc. de Ostomizados de Zaragoza. C/ Cervantes, 45, 6º 3ª. 50006 Zaragoza


Introduction: Alterna Ideal is a new developed transparent adhesive for ostomies with aggressive output. Here we describe the design and results of the phase III clinical trial made with the product which objective was to investigate de performance and efficiency of the product in urostomists, comparing it with the actual adhesive from the same supplier (Alterna).

Materials and Methods: This was a multicentrical, cross over, comparative, randomized trial. The new adhesive Alterna Ideal was compared with the actual Alterna adhesive. It was performed in Spain during the spring-summer of year 2000 including 39 urostomists.

Results: The new transparent adhesive Alterna Ideal was significantly better than Alterna in: weartime, erosion resistance (wash-out), immediate adhesion, flexibility, discretion, residuals and preference (78,4 %). None of both adhesives caused any significant change in the periestomal skin.

Conclussion: The results of this study show how this new transparent adhesive is a good alternative for urostomy people, being able to help them to improve their quality of life.


Urostomy; urostomists; cross-over comparative trial; apliances for urostomy

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Efectividad del nuevo adhesivo transparente Alterna Ideal versus el adhesivo Alterna en personas urostomizadas