Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

OCTUBRE 2002 N° 49 Volumen 5

Nursing intervention in an epileptic crisis within a hospital setting

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Fernández T. Actuación enfermera ante una crisis epiléptica en el hospital. Metas de Enfermería oct 2002; 5(8): 14-17


Teresa Fernández Carrascosa


Diplomada en Enfermería. Enfermera del Servicio de Neurología. Hospital General Universitario de Valencia.

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Avda. del Cid, 113 pta. 15. 46014 Valencia

Contact email: tesafer2002@yahoo.es


In an epileptic crisis it is always of vital importance to take into account certain characteristics such as the presentation at onset, the duration of the epileptic episode, frequency and number of episodes, assessment of the consciousness level, and patient response to the medication. These are all important aspects to be considered, as a detailed description of the crisis, given in a chronological order, greatly help to locate the epileptogene focus and the type of crisis.

This paper, agreed upon by the multidisciplinary team of the Service of Neurology of our hospital, establishes the performance guidelines to be followed by the nursing personnel in an epileptic episode, and helps in their identification and differentiation.


Epilepsy; epileptic crisis; nursing interventions; protocol

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Actuación enfermera ante una crisis epiléptica en el hospital