Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MARZO 2003 N° 53 Volumen 6

Clorhexidine as the ideal antiseptic

Section: Estudios del Sector


Eduardo San Martín Ciges, Pablo González Vidal, Sofía Araceli Sanz Aliaga, Mª Dolores Burguete Ramos

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Servicio de Farmacia Hospital La Fe.Pabellón Central, Avda. Campanar, 21.46009 Valencia


This article presents a descriptive review of chlorhexidine with specialemphasis on the properties that an ideal antiseptic should have. The anti-septics most widely used nowadays are also compared for these properties.We can conclude that chlorhexidine (gluconate salt) most closely approxi-mates what could be considered an ideal antiseptic, particularly in extensi-ve or deep skin wounds.


Chlorhexidine; antiseptic; desinfection

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La clorhexidinacomo antiséptico ideal