Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 2003 N° 54 Volumen 6

Nursing care descriptors in Primary Healthcare

Section: Cover story


1María Antonia Campo Osaba, 2Celia García Gutiérrez, 3María Rosa Oriach Alonso, 4Agnés Llatas Sánchez, 4Anna Viladot Aguado, 5Toni Hidalgo García


1Enfermera, coordinadora del proyecto de investigación. Institut Catalá de la Salut. 2Enfermera Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa. 3Enfermera. Responsable de procesos de Enfermería. Institut Catalá de la Salut. 4Enfermera. Directora de Atención Primaria. Institut Catalá de la Salut. 5Médico. Técnico de Salud. Institut Catalá de la Salut.

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CAP Sant Andreu. Avda. Meridiana, 428, 7a planta. 08030 Barcelona.

Contact email: acampo.pbcn@ics.scs.es


This article presents the results of a coordinated research project, carried out from 1999 to 2001 in Primary Health Care (PHC) in Catalonia. The theoretical framework was based on Virginia Henderson’s conceptual model, NANDA’s diagnostic taxonomy and the nursing process.

Aim: The general aim was to describe nursing care in PHC.

Methodology: These descriptors have been inductively constructed on the basis of the nursing care provided by nurses serving in the primary health care setting. A qualitative methodology was used, specifically an interpretative content analysis, the aim of which was to analyse the following: text registries of the nursing process in 280 cases followed over a period of 6 months, texts from interviews conducted with primary care nurses and input from discussion groups.

Results: The identified descriptors on consensus were: 1.1 Physical examination/Assessment/Revision of pacts and agreements; 1.2 Care planning; Establishing/Reinforcing pacts and agreements; 1.3 Help to increase or strengthen specific knowledge; 1.4 Help to develop or strengthen abilities/skills; 1.5 Help to identify weak or vulnerable points, fears, difficulties, and setting or environment-related demands and limitations and/or risk factors; 1.6 Help to identify and/or adapt the own resources and those from the setting or environment. Identifying motivating and interest promoting elements, compensation mechanisms; 1.7 To facilitate the expression of feelings and emotions by providing emotional and spiritual support. Contention; 1.8 To praise achievements. Reinforcement and support to continue with the care plan; 1.9 Support to the caretaker or care provider; 1.10 Performance of techniques; 1.11 Follow-up of pathologies / Biological parameters assessment; 1.12 Telephone manners; 1.13 Interaction with the family; 1.14 Coordination with other professionals; 1.15 Management and coordination of resources.


nursing care descriptors; Primary Care; nursing methodology; in-depth interviewsdiscussion groups

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Descriptores de cuidados enfermeros en Atención Primaria de Salud