Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MAYO 2003 N° 55 Volumen 6

Most commonly used disinfectant solutions. Selection and use

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Rodríguez M, Martínez GT, Peña MA, Valdés M, Pérez M. Soluciones desinfectantes más utilizadas. Selección y uso. Metas de Enfermería may 2003; 6(4): 13-17


Martha Rodríguez González1, Gilda T. Martínez Aching2, Mª de los Ángeles Peña Figueroa3, Miriam Valdés Fernández


Licenciada en Enfermería. Jefa del Departamento de Esterilización del Centro Internacional de Restauración Neurológica (CI

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Calle 161 No. 310001 entre 310 y 314. Reparto "Valle Grande". Municipio La Lisa. Ciudad de La Habana. Cuba

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Disinfectants are chemical products that can only be employed to disinfect inanimate objects to eliminate pathogen microorganisms from their surface. The correct selection of these products by the health professional is of most importance. The aim of this article is to report the main uses of disinfectant solutions. Special emphasis will be placed on the identification of cleansing methods for the sterilisation of healthcare instrumentarium and on the description of the action potential, presentation, indications and action time of disinfectant solutions.
It is important to choose the disinfectant according to the desired expected positive outcome, but we cannot forget that without adequate cleansing this objective will not be accomplished.


Disinfectants; disinfection; Sterilisation; cleansing method

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Soluciones desinfectantes más utilizadas. Selección y uso