Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

OCTUBRE 2004 N° 8 Volumen 7

Justification for the autonomous role of Nursing professionals in a pre-hospital emergency context

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Fano Maroto C, Sánchez Isla JR. Justificación del papel autónomo de los profesionales de Enfermería en la emergencia prehospitalaria. Metas de Enfermería oct 2004; 7(8): 23-29


Carlos Fano Maroto, José Ramón Sánchez Isla


Diplomados en Enfermería del Servicio de Ambulancias de Emergencia de Protección Civil del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao.

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Urb. Gijano 3,1. 09585 Valle de Mena, Burgos.

Contact email: www.amaikar31@wanadoo.es


The main goal of this article is to justify the reivindication of the autonomous role of nursing professionals in a Pre-hospital Emergency context, and more precisely, in an ambulance service setting, which is currently regulated by the Law on Health Transportation by Road. The present tendency in Pre-hospital Emergency show a definite trend towards the qualification and certification of its activities. The newly incorporated laws, and the effort made by all countries to promulgate activities aimed at the qualification and regularisation of these activities, have shown a clear development of health careers towards the specialization and quantification of its interventions and subsequent evaluation of the proposed goals to determine the quality in the resolution of pre-hospital emergencies. Hence, with the project, the authors aim to quantify, determine, plan and evaluate all the elements that are set into motion every time the Emergency System is activated to provide emergency care to the victims in order to determine precise interventions to be carried out, applying the necessary health care that help patients minimise their perception of danger and subsequently regain their health as soon as possible.


Pre-hospital Emergency; Urgent Health Transportation; ambulance; Vital Assistance (Life-saving care); health care; professional autonomyAdvanced Critical Care

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Justificación del papel autónomo de los profesionales de Enfermería en la emergencia prehospitalaria