Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

NOVIEMBRE 2004 N° 9 Volumen 7

Cryosurgery in dermatology: the role of the Nurse

Section: Sobre el Terreno Serie

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Medina SI, Garzón N. Criocirugía en dermatología: papel del profesional de Enfermería. Metas de Enfermería nov 2004;7(9):18-21


Sara Isabel Medina Ortega, Nuria Garzón Sánchez


Diplomadas en Enfermería.

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Bda. San Diego blq. 23 4º D. 4101 Sevilla



Cryosurgery is a technique that achieves the destruction of tissues by directly applying intense cold, that is, by freezing the area using cryogenes such as liquid nitrogen. Even though cryosurgery is not a new technique, presently it is a true alternative to conventional surgery in dermatology. The nursing professional plays, in this regard, an important role as he or she is responsible for following up the patient’s progress throughout.


Cryosurgery; cryoterapy; cryonecrosis; cryogenes; dermatology

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Criocirugía en dermatología: papel del profesional de Enfermería