Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

FEBRERO 2005 N° 1 Volumen 8

Exploration of the diabetic foot in the Nursing consultation

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Cerón V, Betancor A. La exploración del pie diabético en la consulta de Enfermería. Metas de Enferm feb 2005; 8(1): 25-30


Víctor J. Cerón Márquez1, Ayoze Betancor Delgado2


Diplomado en Enfermería. Centro de Salud Las Remudas (Telde)1, Diplomado en Enfermería. Centro de Salud Vecindario (Santa Luc

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Avda. César Manrique, 1, portal 12

Contact email: victorjc@teleline.es


The phenomenon of the diabetic foot causes considerable socio-sanitary damage from an economical point of view and goes in detriment of the quality of life. We know that 15% of diabetic patients develop foot problems throughout their lives and that 50% of non-traumatic amputations correspond to diabetic patients. In order to decrease these tragic data preventing programmes must be designed and implemented from the nursing practice aimed at the exploration of the diabetic foot. Through careful examination, an adequate palpation and a rigorous exploration of the thermal, vibratory and tactile sensibility, together with an assessment of the reflex arch of the foot, we will be able to detect in time possible lesions, we will be able to act in accordance thorough health education. With this paper, we wish to promote and to enhance the establishment of this technique within the process of integral care of all our diabetic patients.


Diabetic foot; exploration; Consultation; chronic patients; diabetes; prevention; health education; monofilament; diapason

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La exploración del pie diabético en la consulta de Enfermería