Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

NOVIEMBRE 2011 N° 9 Volumen 14

Midwifery: Spanish Civil War. “The untold history”

Section: History and Fundamentals of Nursing

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Macarro Ruiz D et ál. Enfermeras matronas: Guerra Civil Española. “La historia sin contar”. Metas de Enferm nov 2011; 14(9): 70-73


1Dolores Macarro Ruiz, 2Eduardo Martínez Martín


1Matrona. Hospital Virgen de la Salud. Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo. 2Matrón. Hospital Arquitecto Macides-Novoa. 

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Dolores Macarro Ruiz. C/ Atarazanas, 40. 10800 Coria (Cáceres).

Contact email: ola_maca@hotmail.com


Although many publications have been written on the Spanish Civil War, the health issue has been the subject of relatively little study. Nonetheless, there are good jobs which highlight the role of women at that time in the field of health. The complexity of this venture is great, since the analysis must be two-fold: on the one hand, the so-called National Spain and, secondly, the Republican Spain. The Civil War represented for women a time of mobilization and active participation through several women organizations and therefore the construction of the history of nurses and midwives in this historical juncture is a part of the history of women and in some ways, the writing of the history of women is yet to be finished.



mid-wives; national area; Spanish Civil WarWar nurses

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Enfermeras matronas: Guerra Civil Española “La historia sin contar”