Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

NOVIEMBRE 2011 N° 9 Volumen 14

Impact of a Humanisation Project in Perinatal Care in Andalusia (PHAPA) in a maternity care area

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Ramos Rodríguez T et ál. Impacto del PHAPA en un área maternal. Metas de Enferm nov 2011; 14(9): 8-12


1Trinidad Ramos Rodríguez, 2Isabel Mª de la Torre Gálvez, 3Cristina Lazarraga Caffarena, 4Concepción Agulló Velasco


1Enfermera especialista en obstetricia. Hospital Materno-Infantil Carlos Haya. Málaga.2Enfermera. Hospital Comarcal Axarqu

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Trinidad Ramos Rodríguez. Resid. Echeverría-Añoreta, Bloque 5, casa 1. 29738 Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga).

Contact email: rini.raro@gmail.com


Objectives: to analyze the impact of a new manual on midwifery-labor and delivery care based on maternity emergency admissions at the Regional Carlos Haya Hospital in Malaga, which is part of the Humanization Project Development in Perinatal Care in Andalusia (PHAP)
through the assessment of admissions, length of stay, average stay and average weight (complexity of the cases attended to by Obstetrics).
Material and method: interventional quasi-experimental “before-after” study (period I: before the implementation of the PHAPA; and period II: period of implementation of the PHAPA) on pregnant women beyond their 37 week of pregnancy that were discharged before they had delivered. Intervention: implementation of an admissions manual of low risk pregnant women. Study variables: number of admissions with threatened premature labour or false labour, stay in days, mean stay, and mean weight. The information was gathered from the clinical documentation department of the hospital that uses the CIE 9 Clinical Modification and Minimum Basic Data Set.
Results: 507 pregnant women met the selection criteria for the study periods, 305 in period I and 202 in period II. Hospital admissions decreased by 33% in period II. A savings of 137 in consumed bed-stays was realised. The change between period I and period II went from 4.07 days to 3.74 days in mean stay and from 0.69 to 0.71 in mean weight.
Conclusion: the new manual of maternity emergency admissions at the Regional Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga, included in the development of the PHAPA, has meant a decrease in the number of short stay admissions, a savings in consumed bed-stays and an increase in the mean weight of the department due to the increased complexity of the cases treated. A subjective improvement of the quality of the care delivered during labour and delivery was achieved as the expectations and needs of labouring women were met to the extent possible.


DRG; emergency; Humanised birth; interventional study; mean weight; medicalized birth; PHAPA; pregnant woman; research; stay; woman

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Impacto del Proyecto de Humanización en la Atención Perinatal en Andalucía (PHAPA) en un área maternal