Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

FEBRERO 2016 N° 1 Volumen 19

Knowledge, behaviour and sources of information on sexual health among adolescents in a Galician town

Section: Health and quality of life

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Corral Cao L, Mármol Álvarez B, Vázquez Otero B. Conocimientos, conductas y fuentes de información sobre la salud sexual em adolescentes de un município gallego. Metas Enferm feb 2016; 19(1): 60-67.


Lorena Corral Cao1, Beatriz Mármol Álvarez2, Beatriz Vázquez Otero2


1Matrona. Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense2Enfermera. Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense

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Lorena Corral Cao. Crta. de Ribadavia, 50-3º C. 32500 Carballiño (Ourense)

Contact email: lorenacorralcao@gmail.com


Objective: to describe the knowledge and behaviours of adolescents in their 4th year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) in a Galician town, regarding sexual health, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), as well as the sources used to obtain information.
Method: a descriptive transversal study in adolescents from four education centres in Carballiño (Ourense). The tool for data collection was a self-administered questionnaire prepared for this study, collecting sociodemographical variables, as well as sexual subjects and internet, and STDs and contraception. A descriptive analysis of variables and contrast tests for parametric/non-parametric hypothesis (Chi-Square, Fisher’s exact test, T-Student, and Mann-Withney’s U) was used to determine the association.
Results: one hundred and twenty-two (122) students were included. Out of these, 40.9% went on-line over 10 hours per week. The age for their first intercourse was 14.5 years. The best known contraceptive method was the condom (96.7%). When asking about the complications that might appear when engaging in sexual relationships without protection, 74.3% mentioned HIV. In order to obtain information about sexuality, 47.6% of boys vs. 25.9% of girls used internet (p< 0.05).
Conclusions: there is an early age for initiation in sexual relationships with penetration, with differences regarding gender and access to information. There is lack of knowledge about the main STDs. Paediatric Primary Care Units should be places for the sexual education of adolescents, incorporating sexual education into common clinical practice.


adolescence; Sexual education; sexually trasnsmitted disease; Sexual Health; Internet; secondary education; research; Descriptive Study

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Conocimientos, conductas y fuentes de información sobre la salud sexual en adolescentes de un municipio gallego