Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

DICIEMBRE 2005 N° 10 Volumen 8

Nursing Interventions in the readmitted psychiatric patient

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Pedreño Aznar MA, Almela Bernal J, Pernas Barahona A. Intervenciones enfermeras en el reingresador psiquiátrico. Metas de Enferm dic 2005/ene 2006; 8(10): 64-67


María Ana Pedreño Aznar, Joaquín Almela Bernal, Almudena Pernas Barahona


Diplomada/o en Enfermería. Especialista en Salud Mental. Unidad de Hospitalización Psiquiátrica (UHP) de agudos. Hospital Marina

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C/ Leovigildo, 7. 30319 Cartagena, Murcia

Contact email: marpedazn@hotmail.com


Retrospective study of patients with three or more admissions at the Psychiatric Unit of Hospital La Marina in 2002.
Objectives: To describe patient characteristics of those patients admitted repeatedly to the Psychiatric Unit of Hospital La Marina Baixa and to find out the social and healthcare variables behind those multiple admissions and to propose nursing treatment intervention to control such variables.
Development: Admitted patients were selected twice or three times a year throughout 2002. Existing social or healthcare variables were identified and quantified. Taxonomies of nursing language were used (NANDA, NIC and NOC) to name diagnoses, the criteria of the results, and the proposed treatment interventions.
Results and conclusions: A total of 19 patients were admitted three or more times in the study period (23,30% of admissions). The most outstanding studied social and healthcare variables are, amongst others: a higher predominance of affective disorders (57,14%) and personality disorders (63,15%). 84,21% of the patients presented social or family problems. In 34,17% of admissions, toxic substances had been consumed. 26,58% of the total number of admissions are owed to the abandonment or inappropriate intake of medication. A nursing care plan is proposed based on the following possible nursing diagnoses: ineffective family confronting, incapacitating/compromised, ineffective personal confronting, ineffective management of the drug therapy regime.


Mental Health; psychiatric readmissions; confronting; therapeutic management; care plan; Mental Health; psychiatric readmissions; confronting; therapeutic management; care plan

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Intervenciones enfermeras en el reingresador psiquiátrico