“Metas de Enfermería” reaches its 20th anniversary

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Arroyo Gordo MP. Metas de Enfermería cumple 20 años. Metas Enferm dic 2017/ene 2018; 20(10): 3-4


Mª del Pilar Arroyo Gordo


Directora de Metas de Enfermería

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Metas de Enfermería cumple 20 años

To feel that life is a breath and twenty years are nothing, like expressed in the lyrics in Gardel’s tango, can be useful to me for expressing my feelings when thinking that Metas de Enfermería, just like me, were born together into the publishing world twenty years ago.

But looking back and feeling that these years have gone by in a sigh does not prevent me from also thinking about all those hours and days dedicated, during 20 years, to improve, renew, enrich and update both the contents and the image of our journal, Metas de Enfermería.

As a matter of fact, looking back I have found the editorial I wrote for the 10 first years, and it has been very pleasant to see that what I said at that time has really happened. I said that we wanted to make a scientific publication with “reasons”, as the most important part dedicated to scientific articles, but also with “passions”, like the one dedicated to show daily professional work and the emotional and professional experiences that any male or female nurse will have and feel every day. Summing up, we wanted to put together a scientific publication with reason but also with a heart, showing how we are as people and as nurses. And I sincerely believe that we have achieved it.

That is why we continue in this mood, and we renew our mission again, because we want to be close to the group for whom we are working, and we thank them and acknowledge their encouragement and inspiration, as well as their criticism, in order to sustain the professional values and criteria that we set for ourselves such a long time ago.

But even though the contents in our journal keep improving every day, and offer those remarkable fragments of new knowledge that contribute to expand the body of nursing knowledge, the credit for this is not personal at all, because each of the persons working for Metas have done our part for the growth of this beautiful project, so dear to us, which is also part of our lives.

That is why I like to think that our project is more alive than ever, because ideas never stop, as well as new expectations for the future, and this gives me life and encouragement as well. But there is a time for everything, and when you notice that people around you are also growing up, particularly in terms of experience and knowledge, you must know how to step aside and renew the perspectives, and young people are the best at doing this.

Therefore, after speaking and discussing it with all those who have always been beside me and have advised me well, I have decided to dedicate my experience to other projects, also extremely interesting, within our DAE publishing house, and to pass the baton of the management of Metas de Enfermería to the person who can best take charge of the journal, Mª Pilar Serrano Gallardo, who has been the Assistant Director until now. I know that Pilar, as well as being the natural heiress to this project, and having demonstrated the highest skills for it, will take on her new job with as much enthusiasm as I had at the time of the fantastic birth of Metas de Enfermería 20 years ago, and she will also have the invaluable support of Montse Solís, her colleague in her position so far, and the rest of colleagues who have been also working with us for a long time: Elena, Lara, Silvia, Fran, Marta and so many others.

For the time being, I will still be linked to the journal, though with different responsibilities, as well as with DAE as the person responsible for publishing projects. I feel I am a member of this big family, and I hope I will still be considered part of it even when the time comes for me to leave.

Through this editorial, I wish to send my affection to all of you, as well as thanking you for having been able to enjoy such a good company during all this time, and I hereby confirm my commitment with the new responsibilities that I have been assigned and that I will fulfil, in order to continue helping this major company to grow.