Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

ABRIL 2019 N° 3 Volumen 22

Gamification and play-based learning in Nursing education

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Gómez-Urquiza JL. Gamificación y aprendizaje basado en juegos en la docencia en Enfermería. Metas Enferm abr 2019; 22(3):29-32.


José Luis Gómez-Urquiza

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José Luis Gómez-Urquiza. Departamento de Enfermería. Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud. Universidad de Granada. Parque Tecnológico de la Salud. Avda. d


University teaching, based mainly on the use of master classes, has been changing in recent decades, with the application of new teaching methodologies. Among them, play-based learning and gamification are becoming increasingly important, due to their results in the motivational setting, entertainment and promotion of active learning. There is plenty of literature about the use of these methodologies in Nursing, including, among others, games of questions and answers or simulation games. A type of innovative game, that has been a pioneer in the University Nursing teaching, has been the use of escape rooms, where a group of students is “locked” inside a classroom, and need to apply their theoretical-practical knowledge about the subjects taught in order to solve riddles and puzzles, and be able to escape on time. This game has obtained very positive results in learning, motivation and entertainment among Nursing students.


Nursing education; game implementation; teaching; innovation

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Gamificación y aprendizaje basado en juegos en la docencia en Enfermería