Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

JUNIO 2019 N° 5 Volumen 22

Care measures for the safe management of patients with infectious spondylitis

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Subirana Ferrés C, Salvador Villagrasa R, Díaz Martos I, Soriano Fernández I. Cuidados para el manejo seguro de los pacientes con espondilitis infecciosa. Metas Enferm jun 2019; 22(5):67-75.


Cristina Subirana Ferrés1, Rosa Salvador Villagrasa1, Isabel Díaz Martos1, Irene Soriano Fernández1


1Enfermera. Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge. Barcelona

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Cristina Subirana Ferrés. Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge. Servicio de Enfermedades Respiratorias, Infecciosas y Medicina Interna. C/ De la Feixa

Contact email: subirana@bellvitgehospital.cat


Objective: to identify the main Nursing care measures for patients diagnosed with infectious spondylitis, in order to prevent its potential complications.
Method: a narrative review was conducted through the following databases: Pubmed, CINAHL, Cochrane Library Plus and Cuiden, using the free terms: Infectious spondylitis, spondylodiscitis, vertebral osteomyelitis AND care; “espondilitis infecciosa”, “espondilodiscitis”, “osteomielitis vertebral”. Language limitations: English or Spanish; adult patients, and published between 2008 and 2018.
Results: out of the 138 articles in total retrieved in the search, 18 were finally selected. The care measures identified were: watching for unspecific symptoms such as back pain in patients at risk (advanced age, immunosuppressed, parenteral drug users, carriers of a central catheter), sterile handling of hemodialysis catheters, conducting blood cultures, watching for pain and its management through the use of back braces, maintaining complete rest during the first two weeks of antibiotic treatment, watching for neurological complications (neurological symptomatology), meningitis or endocarditis, watching the evolution of symptomatology, and watching for high temperature.
Conclusion: to understand the evolution of this disease and the key points for its treatment from a nursing approach will help to adapt care measures, to prevent complications, or to detect them earlier before they become irreversible.


Infectious spondylitis; spondylodiscitis; vertebral osteomyelitisnarrative review

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Cuidados para el manejo seguro de los pacientes con espondilitis infecciosa