Plan of care for a patient with knee osteochondroma after undergoing surgical excision

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Ponz Martínez I, Orea Castellano E. Plan de cuidados a un paciente con osteocondroma en la rodilla sometido a exéresis quirúrgica. Metas Enferm sep 2020; 23(7):61-8. Doi:


Irene Ponz Martínez1, Enrique Orea Castellano2


1Máster Universitario Oficial Fisioterapia Manual en el Aparato Locomotor. Graduada en Enfermería. Graduada en Fisioterapia. Departamento de Ciudadanía y Derechos Sociales, Dirección Provincial, Instituto Aragonés de Servicios Sociales. Teruel 2Diplomado en Enfermería. Servicio Aragonés de la Salud. Profesor de la Escuela de Enfermería de Teruel, centro adscrito Universidad de Zaragoza. Teruel

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Irene Ponz Martínez. C/ Los Rosales, 36. 44002 Teruel.

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We present the case report of a male 17-year-old patient with anterolateral osteochondroma in right distal femur with 4-year evolution treated through surgical excision. Using the 14-need theory by Virginia Henderson, the patient was assessed after surgery, and a plan of care was prepared identifying nursing diagnoses according to the taxonomy by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), outcomes according to the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC), and the relevant nursing interventions, following the Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC). After the patient was discharged from hospital, there was 3-month follow-up. A favourable evolution was observed, highlighting the importance of conducting a comprehensive assessment of the person, because there was impact on his physical, psychological and social dimensions, as well as the need for adequate information regarding his condition, with terminology easy to understand by an adolescent.


adolescent; nursing care; femur; plan of care; osteochondroma; primary bone tumours

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Plan de cuidados a un paciente con osteocondroma en la rodilla sometido a exéresis quirúrgica