Projects for Connection with the Environment: Satisfaction in students faced with a new educational strategy

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Sandoval Zavala MC, Vargas Lazcano AL. Proyectos de Vinculación con el Medio: satisfacción de los estudiantes ante una nueva estrategia pedagógica. Metas Enferm may 2023; 26(4):75-8. Doi:


Magaly Carolina Sandoval-Zavala1, Ana Luisa Vargas-Lazcano2


1Magíster en Pedagogía Aplicada a la Educación Superior. Universidad San Sebastián. Concepción (Chile) 2Magíster en Docencia Universitaria. Universidad San Sebastián. Concepción (Chile)

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Magaly Carolina Sandoval Zavala. C/ Badajoz, 226. 4030000 Valle Noble, Concepción, Región del Bio-Bío (Chile).

Contact email: magaly.sandoval@uss.c


The healthcare crisis derived of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the vulnerability of certain population groups in Chile, such as school-age children. “Projects for Connection with the Environment” can reduce this breach by approaching University students to said community settings. Two projects for school health monitoring were conducted in Chile, in the municipalities of Lota and Hualpén from the city of Concepción: “Health and Wellbeing for Lota”, and “Project for Healthy Schools”. In these projects, 4th year Nursing students assessed the psychomotor development of pre-schoolers and conducted Health Education on different subjects such as: healthy diet, physical activity, school coexistence and hygiene habits, among others. The satisfaction assessment in students revealed that approximately three out of four had improved their user support skills and had been able to integrate theoretical knowledge into practice. Besides, the majority (92.8%) agreed that conducting this activity on their 4th year encouraged the development of the skills expected for future performance in this field of action for Nurses. These activities generate a bidirectional benefit, covering the healthcare needs in the community, and creating a learning opportunity in the Primary Care community settings, outside health centres.


Community health nursing; nurses, community health; community integration; community participation; students, nursingpedagogical strategy.

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Proyectos de Vinculación con el Medio: satisfacción de los estudiantes ante una nueva estrategia pedagógica