Specific training on sustainability and environment for healthcare staff

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Navarro Perán MA. La formación específica en sostenibilidad y medio ambiente en el personal sanitario. Metas Enferm may 2023; 26(4):66-74. Doi: https://doi.org/10.35667/MetasEnf.2023.26.1003082094


Mª Ángeles Navarro Perán


Doctora en Investigación en Cuidados de Enfermería por la Universidad de Murcia. Facultad de Enfermería. Universidad de Murcia (España)

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Mª Angeles Navarro Perán. Avda. Fuerzas Armadas, 34. 30800 Lorca, Murcia (España).

Contact email: mariaangeles.navarro@um.es


Objectives: to identify and describe the specific training guidelines on sustainability and environment for healthcare staff.
Method: a narrative review was conducted in 2021, through a search for articles in the databases included in the search tool from the Universidad Católica de Murcia (BUSCAM) and documents in the ECOEMBES organization. The following MeSH terms in English were used: education, environment, climate change, health, sustainability, health professionals.
Results: in total, 707 documents were retrieved, and 15 of these were included in the review. The consequences and impact on human health of sustainable development was evident; this is the cause and reason for including the health sector in the search for solutions to the problem. Even though great steps are being taken, this is still not enough in order to incorporate completely the subject of sustainability into the skills acquired by health professionals. It is essential to have the adequate learning environments, as well as a responsible attitude and behaviour. Likewise, a proactive attitude towards environmental sustainability must be adopted in daily life.
Conclusions: improvements in this matter will lead healthcare professionals to become leaders in this area, in order to catalyse and support a solid response by public health to climate change, with the aim to guarantee a safe and sustainable future.


education; environment; climate change; health; health professionals; sustainability

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La formación específica en sostenibilidad y medio ambiente en el personal sanitario