The care humanise: from hierarchy to collaboration

Section: Ethics and Society

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Rubio Rico L. Humanización del cuidado: de la jerarquía a la colaboración. Metas de Enferm may 2006; 9(4): 57-60


Lourdes Rubio Rico


Diplomada en Enfermería. Licenciada en Humanidades. Enfermera asistencial del Hospital Universitari Joan XXIII. Profesora Asociada de la Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería. Universitat Rovira y Virgili, Tarragona.

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The humanisation of healthcare has been preferably studied from the perspective of the experience of the person receiving the care, from the perspective of the family or from the isolated contribution of the different professionals. Now, in an interdisciplinary professional setting, we cannot obviate the contribution that the relational nature of team work provides to the configuration of care. This paper shows the path followed by the evolution of this interdisciplinary relationship in the healthcare setting and its influence on the humanisation of care. The transit from one relational model based on hierarchy towards a collaboration model, adds humanistic values to the biomedical paradigm and contributes, with it, to humanise care.


humanisation; healthcare team; values; interdisciplinary communicationinterdisciplinary relationship

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Humanización del cuidado: de la jerarquía a la colaboración