Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

OCTUBRE 2006 N° 8 Volumen 9

General concepts for nursing practice in psychiatric emergency situations

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Dois Castellón A, del Carmen Toledo Toledo E. Conceptos generales para la práctica enfermera en situaciones de urgencias psiquiátricas. Metas de Enferm oct 2006; 9(8): 69-73


Angelina Dois Castellón1, Elizette del Carmen Toledo Toledo2


Enfermera-matrona, licenciada en Enfermería, terapeuta familiar y de parejas, especialista en Salud Mental y Psiquiatría, profesora auxi

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Campus San Joaquín de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Avda. Vicuña Mackena, 4860. Comuna de Macul, Chile.

Contact email: adoia@uc.cl


Psychiatric emergency consultation has increased steadily over time as a result of an increase in the prevalence of mental disorders worldwide. This situation poses a challenge for nursing professionals who must confront emergency psychiatric care in the action setting of general services, given the frequency to which mental pathologies are associated with somatic disorders. This article presents some general guidelines to carry out this nursing care in emergency situations by examining the stages of the nursing process. As part of the objectives of nursing care and in order for the nurse to provide humanised and efficient care, five important aspects must be taken into account: user reception and admittance, relationship with the user, relationship with the family, multidisciplinary work, and provision of a therapeutic setting.


Mental Health; psychiatry; mental disorders; psychiatric emergency; nursing methodology

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Conceptos generales para la práctica enfermera en situaciones de urgencias psiquiátricas