Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

DICIEMBRE 2006 N° 10 Volumen 9

Emotional work in Nursing

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Baez León C. Trabajo emocional en Enfermería. Metas de Enferm dic 2006/ene 2007; 9(10): 59-64


Carmen Baez León


Diplomada en Enfermería y Licenciada en Psicología.

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C/ Choconta, 6, 4º D. 28033 Madrid.

Contact email: carmenbaezleon@yahoo.es


The emotional work carried out by nursing professionals has a direct effect on the attainment of care objectives and has important consequences on the patient’s web-being.
The purpose of this paper is to describe the emotional work carried out by a nursing team at the Oncogynecology Unit. A study on eighteen nurses working at the said unit was conducted in order to identify the association of sociodemographic factors regarding the emotional work performed. The nurses responded to an Emotional Work questionnaire elaborated by Dr Moreno-Jiménez (internal consistency index 0.9002), composed of 5 dimensions and 45 items, with a four-point Likert response scale. No statistically significant associations were found, which could be explained by the small sample size. Nonetheless, some interesting tendencies were identified regarding the role of emotional work.
In view of the theoretical importance that this idea has on nursing, it would perhaps be advisable to carry out further studies on the subject.


emotional work; nursing; emotional control; emotional dissonancepsychology

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