Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

MARZO 2007 N° 2 Volumen 10

The road towards the identity of nursing

Section: History and Fundamentals of Nursing

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Brito Brito PR. El camino hacia la identidad enfermera. Metas Enferm mar 2007; 10(2): 51-54


Pedro Ruymán Brito Brito


Diplomado en Enfermería. Licenciado en Periodismo. Master en Cuidados al final de la vida.

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Avenida El Paso 29. Edificio Sara. Portal I. Piso 4º M. Los Majuelos. 38108 Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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Ever since nursing was made a university career back in 1977, academic staff has eagerly taught the theoretical aspects that constitute the basis of this profession as a discipline in the field of health sciences.
Nevertheless, history sometimes carries a deadweight that needs to be unloaded, projecting a social image of nursing that is not as desirable as one would want it to be. Even the own professionals cause further confusion, as there is no unanimous agreement on the denomination of “nurses”, “health technical assistants”, or “injection givers”. The latter two terms disappeared 29 and 54 years ago respectively, but in many instances these two professional characters are referred to by these names.
This paper attempts to make a revision of the nursing perspectives towards an autonomous role, highlighting the unification of the nursing language through the NANDA-NIC-NOC taxonomies as an imperative need for the nursing identify and identification to move towards a humanistic model far from the traditional biomedical model. The importance of developing nursing specialities and the possibility to turn it into a complete masters degree in nursing is also emphasised.


Identity; academic development; nursing language; nursing models; profession; disciplinetaxonomy

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El camino hacia la identidad enfermera