Metas de Enfermería

Metas de Enfermería

OCTUBRE 2015 N° 8 Volumen 18

Estudio “Stoma Life”. Calidad de vida en los pacientes ostomizados un año despues de la cirugía

Sección: Trabajos del Sector

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Campillo Martínez J. Estudio “Stoma Life”. Calidad de vida en los pacientes ostomizados un año despues de la cirugía. Metas Enferm oct 2015; 18(8): 25-31.


Javier Campillo Martínez

Supervisor de Enfermería de Cirugía General, Urología y Cirugía Mayor Ambulatoria del Hospital Royo Villanova. Enfermero Experto en ostomías.


Javier Campillo Martínez. Hospital Royo Villanova. Avda. San Gregorio, 30. 50015 Zaragoza.

Email: jcampillo@salud.aragon.es

Palabras clave:

Pacientes ostomizados ; calidad de vida ; estomaterapia ; cuidado integral ; piel periestomal


“Stoma Life” study. Quality of life in ostomized patients at a year after surgery


Objective: this is an open, controlled, multicenter observational study aimed at assessing the quality of life index of ostomy patients one year after surgery, as well as any potential difference established between patients with preoperative stoma site marking vs. those for whom this technique was not conducted.
Method: an observational, descriptive, longitudinal and prospective study, with a national sample of 464 patients included in 96 centres, by conducting an initial visit and subsequent control visits at six months and one year after surgery.
Results: at one year of follow-up after surgery, there is a better quality of life in those ostomized patients who have undergone regular follow-up, and who attend stomatherapy visits. There is also better quality of life in those patients who are self-sufficient regarding device replacement, those who use one-piece devices, and those with permanent ostomy. At the same time, there is also an improvement in quality of life in those patients who present no problems in their peristomal skin.
Conclusions: the assessment of the results obtained leads to the conclusion that, in order to improve the quality of life of ostomized patients, expert practices and professionals are required, who are devoted to the comprehensive care of ostomized patients. This follow-up will prevent the development of stomal complications, and will offer an essential support for these patients.


Ostomized patients; quality of life; stomatherapy; comprehensive care; peristomal skin