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Plan of care in patients with venous ulcer and non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus


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Reyes Rebollo O. Plan de cuidados en pacientes con úlcera venosa y diabetes mellitus no insulinodependiente. Educare21 2012; 10(3). [En línea] [fecha de acceso: 1 de marzo de 2011]. URL disponible en: http://www.educare21.net


Olga Reyes Rebollo


Estudiante de tercer curso del Grado de Enfermería. Universidad de Extremadura. Centro Universitario de Plasencia.

Contact email: olgarr_88@hotmail.com


We present a case of a 79 years old woman of who is treated by the nursing department in Plasencia South Health Center for a venous ulcer on the medial malleolus of the left leg with phlebitis of the inside of leg and thigh. In addition, the patient has non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus which significantly influences the ulcer, as it hinders the healing process.
The goal of the nursing staff is to develop an individualized care plan tailored to the patient, taking into account the evaluation of the diagnostic phase from a biopsychosocial perspective, following the Marjory Gordon’s eleven functional patterns and the NANDA-NIC-NOC taxonomy.
The methodology used in the clinical case is a descriptive study. There are many studies that compare the types of treatment for venous ulcers and the importance of adherence to diet and exercise along with the complications that diabetes mellitus can cause, taking into account the quality of life of patients.


Diabetes Mellitus; nursing carevenous ulcers

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Plan de cuidados en paciente con úlcera venosa y diabetes mellitus no insulinodependiente