OCTUBRE 2013 N° 8 Volumen 11

Nurses' role in elderly patients' reception



María José Ferrer Lledó, Eloy Gomis Salinas, Raquel Hernández López, Fabiola Hernández Martínez, Antonio Herrero Alcaraz, Marta Llorens Sellés


Actualmente cursando 3º de Grado en Enfermería en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad de Alicante.

Contact email: mjfl5@alu.ua.es


Institutionalization is a key process for elderly patients and results in a dramatic change. Humans live and socialize over their full life within a specific environment that must provide them safety and well-being. Such an environment includes all biological, psychological and social factors around people that interact with them over their full life. Any fact representing a traumatic change will result in maladjustments and social withdrawal and can speed impairments’ progression and cause disabling diseases. Nursing staff action is crucial to avoid all such risks resulting from change.

We think that in order to reach a successful integration and a complete adjustment, nursing actions should not be done after, but before, patient's institutionalization, once an interview with that family and, if possible, with the patient himself/herself has taken place. A tailored care should be offered and individual patient's peculiarities and real needs should be taken into account. All members of the team should be involved and perform care tasks.


Institutionalized elderly patients; geriatricdependency

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El rol de la enfermera en la acogida al residente geriátrico