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OCTUBRE 2013 N° 2 Volumen 1

Súrgere (1959-1973): Midwives' voice under Franco

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Cabeza-Guillén ME, Miqueo C. Súrgere (1959-1973): la voz de las matronas en el franquismo. Matronas hoy 2013; 1(2):6-12.


1Mª Elena Cabeza Guillén, 2Consuelo Miqueo


1Matrona del Hospital Reina Sofía en Tudela (Navarra).2Profesora Titular de Historia de la Ciencia. Facultad de Medicina. Universidad de Zaragoza.

Contact email: cagui@telefonica.net


The present study aimed at contributing to midwives genealogy and professional identity building by means of an analysis of the official journal of the only professional association during most part of Franco's regime; the journal was also the first publication written and edited by midwives.
The study's main source of information was the journal Súrgere, a mouthpiece for the independent midwifery section of the Consejo Nacional de Auxiliares Sanitarios. The whole series of 172 fascicles published from 1959 to 1973 found in the National Library of Madrid was analyzed.
Based on an analysis of the contents of the various sections we conclude that Súrgere is not a standard scientific journal; it is the most important mouthpiece of midwives for professional autonomy demands.
Taking into account the existing context, we think the journal should not be considered just another persuading tool to promote National Catholic Movement ideology or a clinical or pharmaceutical advertising publication.


Midwifery; Franco's regime; history; Scientific journals

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Súrgere (1959-1973): la voz de las matronas en el franquismo

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