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Revista Matronas

SEPTIEMBRE 2018 N° 2 Volumen 6

Cornual ectopic pregnancy: a case report of ultrasound by midwife

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Martín de Vega RA, Boal Herránz G, Fernández y Fernández-Arroyo M. Embarazo ectópico cornual. Caso clínico de ecografía de matrona. Matronas hoy 2018; 6(2):14-17.


1 Rosa Ana Martín de Vega, 2 Gloria Boal Herránz, 3 Matilde Fernández y Fernández-Arroyo


1 Matrona. Centro de Salud (C.S.) Fuencarral (Madrid)2 Matrona. C.S. San Fernando (Madrid)3 Matrona. C.S. Rosa de Luxemburgo (Madrid)


Introduction: cornual pregnancy is an unusual variety of ectopic pregnancy, difficult to diagnose, and with a high incidence of mother mortality due to the internal bleeding entailed. Objective: to describe a clinical case of cornual ectopic pregnancy detected by the Primary Care midwife through obstetric ultrasound test. Material and methods: design: case report. Location: Primary Care, midwife office, Comunidad de Madrid, 2016. Data: 9-week pregnancy, 32-year-old, second pregnancy, previous pregnancy and delivery were normal. Non-relevant anamnesis. Asymptomatic. Obstetric ultrasound conducted by the midwife at 1st pregnancy visit, after signing the Informed Consent Form. Results: through transabdominal ultrasound test conducted in the midwife office, it was seen that the uterus presented an irregular shape in its right horn, embryo with positive heartbeat. Faced with a suspected abnormal ultrasound image, the patient was referred to Hospital ER for her assessment. At the Obstetric Emergency Unit, a “cornual ectopic pregnancy” was diagnosed; exploratory laparoscopy was conducted for diagnosis conformation. A surgical procedure was conducted because there was risk of imminent rupture: the uterine horn and the right-side tube were surgically removed, after uterine artery embolization. The right half-uterus was preserved intact. Pregnancy came to its natural end without complications. Discussion: this case shows that the obstetric ultrasound test by the midwife was useful to detect an abnormal pregnancy which required referral. Fast detection prevented the risk of maternal morbimortality. There are two similar case reports in bibliography, not by midwife. This case supports the importance of ultrasound tests by midwives in normal pregnancy follow-up.


interstitial ectopic pregnancy; cornual pregnancy; diagnostic ultrasound tests

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Embarazo ectópico cornual. Caso clínico de ecografía de matrona

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