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Revista Matronas

ABRIL 2019 N° 1 Volumen 7

Medical abortion in the remote teleassistance setting. Its usefulness for the pregnant woman.

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Fernández Aranda MI. El aborto farmacológico en el contexto de la teleasistencia remota. Utilidad para la mujer gestante. Matronas hoy. 2019; 7(1):6-15.


María Isabel Fernández Aranda


Matrona. Unidad de Ginecología y Obstetricia. Hospital Virgen del Rocío. Sevilla.

Contact email: maribel.fernandez.aranda@ gmail.com


Introduction: medical abortion is a method typically used for pregnancy interruption. Telemedicine as a remote care service can offer help to women, by providing a safe alternative for voluntary pregnancy interruption in non-healthcare settings or those without access to safe healthcare services.

Objective: to look for evidence of the usefulness of applying telemedicine in case of medical abortion, and in which cases it is more feasible and adequate.

Method: a narrative review of the literature existing between January, 2010 and April, 2018. A search strategy consisting in making Boolean combinations of predefined terms in Spanish and English, in four databases: Pubmed, Science Direct, Cochrane and MEDES.

Results: sixteen (16) bibliographic references which meet the inclusion criteria were considered of interest.

Conclusions: medical abortion is a safe, effective and accept­able method, and it can be managed through telemedicine services under the adequate conditions of safety and privacy for the pregnant woman.


induced abortion; pregnancy; health education; telemedicine

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El aborto farmacológico en el contexto de la teleasistencia remota. Utilidad para la mujer gestante

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