Revista Matronas

Revista Matronas

ABRIL 2019 N° 1 Volumen 7

Breastfeeding. Nipple shields, use or abuse?

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Boal Herranz GA, Barrios Miras E. Lactancia materna. Pezoneras, ¿uso o abuso? Matronas hoy. 2019; 7(1):26-39.


1 Gloria Aurora Boal Herranz, 2 Ester Barrios Miras


1 Matrona. Centro de Salud San Fernando. Comunidad de Madrid.2 Pediatra. Centro de Salud San Fernando. Comunidad de Madrid


Introduction: nipple shields are tools currently widely accepted and advertised for breastfeeding, both in the healthcare setting and among the population. However, their advantages and disadvantages are greatly controversial, and they are not rec­ommended as first option in the majority of breastfeeding guidelines.

Objective: to confirm the benefits and/or risks of using nipple shields during the natural breastfeeding period in the Primary Care setting, regarding the maintenance of breastfeeding.

Material and methods: a descriptive study was conducted in the population of puerperal women attending the midwife unit from the first week of life until breastfeeding was estab­lished, during the months of October, November and December, 2018. Data were obtained from the clinical record registry in the AP Madrid program.

Results: there was a 31.9% incidence of the use of nipple shields. There was a direct relationship between the use of nipple shields and the lower incidence of breastfeeding, less flow of milk, worse latching, and lower weight gain in the first days of life, among the population studied. A higher weight loss in the newborn was also observed at hospital and in Pri­mary Care.

Conclusions: in the present study, it was observed that the use of nipple shields is not useful in terms of correcting dif­ficulties in breastfeeding, and compromises even more the effort to establish it.


nipple shield; breastfeeding; breastfeeding difficulties; cracks and breastfeeding; breastfeeding supplementation method

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