Revista Matronas

Revista Matronas

ABRIL 2019 N° 1 Volumen 7

Surrogacy: An analysis of its ethicolegal situation

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Campos Herrero MA, Conde Álvarez M, Hortigüela Cámara E, López Cadenas A, Val Peón L. Maternidad subrogada: análisis de la situación ético-legal. Matronas hoy. 2019; 7(1):41-6.


1 Mª Angeles Campos Herrero, 2 María Conde Álvarez, 1 Eva Hortigüela Cámara, 3 Ana López Cadenas, 2 Lucía Val Peon


1 EIR Complejo Hospitalario Santiago de Compostela, 2 Eir Complejo Hospitalario de La Coruña, 3 EIR Complejo Hospitalario de Pontevedra

Contact email: eptimasur@hotmail.com


Due to the controversy currently raised around the matter of surrogacy, a bibliographic review was conducted in order to analyze the current situation. A comparative study was conducted between the different existing legal systems and ethicolegal arguments, both in favor and against it. Although surrogacy is forbidden in Spain, many persons have access to registering their children due to the Order by the General Directorate for Registries and Public Notaries (DGRN) from October, 5th, 2010, and the indications by the European Court of Human Rights. The conclusion is the need to develop an international common legislation to prevent women exploitation and lack of protection for minors.


surrogacy; mothers; Bioethics

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Maternidad subrogada: análisis de la situación ético-legal

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