Revista Matronas

Revista Matronas

ABRIL 2019 N° 1 Volumen 7

Midwife action when faced with a complication during a lowintervention birth: A case report.

Section: Caso Clínico

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Moreno Dueñas MB, Díaz Jiménez D, Rodríguez Villalón M. Atención de la matrona ante una complicación durante un parto de baja intervención. Caso clínico. Matronas hoy 2019; 7(1):47-54.


1 María Begoña Moreno Dueñas, 2 Desireé Díaz Jiménez, 3 Marta Rodríguez Villalón


1, 2 Matrona. Hospital Virgen del Rocío. Servicio de Paritorio. Sevilla. 3 Matrona. Unidad de Urgencias Ginecológicas-Obstétricas. Área de partos. Hospital Público Virgen de la Victoria. Málaga.

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An Obstetrics clinical case is presented, which occurred unexpectedly during the course of a low-risk delivery. The management of the complication was addressed: an arm prolapse that occurred during birth and required emergency action.

Nursing assessment was conducted following the Leininger’s Sunrise Model (the case presented adapted to her Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality). This assessment allows a comprehensive approach, because it also includes the social and cultural elements surrounding the pregnant woman. In this way, the midwife adapts and individualizes her care to the reality of each specific woman. This comprehensive perspective is applied to the process of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, creating low-intervention algorithms and protocols in order to provide quality care and maintain minimum levels of maternal and neonatal morbimortality.


low (minimum) intervention birth; cross-cultural care; Leininger’s Sunrise Model; obstetric accident; prolapse

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Actuación de la matrona ante una complicación durante un parto de baja intervención. Caso Clínico

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