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Psychotropic drug use in women who experience violence by intimate partners

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Casique Casique L, Amador Vázquez A, Abonce Zepeda MG. Consumo de drogas psicotrópicas en mujeres que sufren violencia por sus compañeros íntimos. RIdEC 2013; 6(1):7-9.


Leticia Casique Casique, Alexandra Amador Vázquez, Mª Guadalupe Abonce Zepeda


Profesoras de la Universidad de Guanajuato, México. Departamento de Enfermería y Obstetricia. División de Ciencias de la salud e Ingenierías.

Contact email: l.casique@ugto.mx


Introduction: Some women who experience violence take psychotropic drugs.
Methodology: Qualitative study of women taking psychotropic drugs and were victims of violence.
Consent was respected. We used personal interviews.
The Data Grounded Theory was applied for the analysis.
Results: The average age was 32 years (standard deviation, SD, of 9.78). 57.14% were housewives, 28.57% were employed, 87.71% were married, 28.57% had primary studies, 100% were Catholic; 71.42% suffered physical violence, 100% psychological violence and 14.28% sexual violence, 71.4% consumed diazepam, while took 14.28% alprazolam and 14.28% other drugs. There was a direct link between violence and drug use.
Conclusion: Women had negative feelings towards themselves, ingested psychotropic drugs to feel calm and tolerate the violence they lived, and had hopes for their relationships to change and / or desire to find another person who valued them.


women; psychotropic drug use; domestic violence; intimate partner

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Consumo de drogas psicotrópicas en mujeres que sufren violencia por sus compañeros íntimos