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Bullying (harassment at school) is a phenomenon which occurs in the school environment, with implications for the health of students

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Melo P, Borges E, Figueiredo MH, Silva S. Bullying: um projeto de empoderamento da comunidade escolar. Estudo de caso. RIdEC 2013; 6(1):14-7.


1Pedro Melo, 2Elizabete Borges, 3María Henriqueta Figueiredo, 4Sílvia Silva


1 Doctorando en Enfermería en la Universidad Católica de Portugal. Enfermero Especializado en Enfermeria Comunitária en la Unidad de Cuidad3Profesora coordinadora en la Escuela de Enfermería de Porto.


This case study describes an intervention project in the community called "Bullying is more than a joke", which took place in the second and third cycles of elementary education school in the north of Portugal. We worked with 489 students from these cycles. The diagnoses, resulting from the questionnaire of harassment / assault on students (Pereira, 2008) and the evaluation of the school and its intervention policies, shows a prevalence of bullying in 40% of children in grade 5 and ineffective community management to respond to this phenomenon.
This project has been developed to promote health education in  students, teachers, family caregivers and to train a multidisciplinary support team, led by the health nurse of the school. It achieved improvements in health, community empowerment agents sensitive to nursing care.



bullying; harassment at school; school health; Community Health Nursing; community empowerment

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Bullying: um projeto de empoderamento da comunidade escolar. Estudo de caso