Enero-junio 2014 N° 1 Volumen 6

Elders and advanced care planning. Action research-participation

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Gras Nieto E, Armas Acosta A, Carcereny Murciano R, de Tuñas Posadas L. El anciano ante la planificación anticipada de decisiones. Investigación-acción-participación. RIdEC 2013; 6(1):27-34.


Elvira Gras Nieto, Ana Armas Acosta, Raquel Carcereny Murciano, Laura de Tuñas Posadas


Residentes de Enfermería Familiar y Comunitaria. Unidad Docente Clínic-Maternitat (Barcelona).

Contact email: potipoti_max@hotmail.com


Objective: The process of advanced care planning is a key part to contemplate the idea of death as a natural part of life, and reflect on and discuss the plan of life. The family and community nurse, from their special commitment to advocate for the independence of people who care, is in the best position to encourage active participation, maintain longitudinal care and facilitate access to advanced planning decisions. The aim of the study was to determine how the elderly experience their proactive participation in the process of advanced care planning.
Specific objectives: Understand behaviours, emotions, feelings, attitudes and changes the elderly person reflects on the death with the family and community nurse in a helping way.
Theoretical and methodological framework: Qualitative methodology of participatory action research (PAR) that integrates scientific research with health promotion and the study theory which conforms the principles of the constructivist paradigm. It has been used as a technique for obtaining in-depth interview data. Content analysis by categories.
Results: Reflection and discussion about death helps people to consider the goals of their life plan and allows contemplation of the importance of communication processes between the individual, the family and the health professionals so that the wishes of people can be respected. From the social circle of informants there is an increasing number people that are considering making early planning decisions, which will improve these programs.



advanced care planning; elders; participation action research; reflection; death

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El anciano ante la planificación anticipada de decisiones. Investigación-acción-participación