OCTUBRE 2007 N° 8 Volumen 5

Analysis of the institutional organisation of clinical practicum courses for a three-year university degree in Nursing



1Jesús López Ortega, 1Laura I. Sánchez Jurado, 2Francisco Javier López Sánchez


1Profesores TEU. Universidad de Jaén. Dpto. CC. de la Salud. Área de Enfermería.2Doctor en Pedagogía de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad de Granada.

Contact email: jlortega@ujaen.es


The process of teaching-learning in competencies of clinical practicum courses in the studies leading to the attainment of a university degree in nursing is a complex process in which a number of factors and variable elements coincide, which are susceptible to be analysed from the perspective of the institutional analysis.

Convinced of the need or convenience of such analytical work and the opportunity it brings, we selected the totality of analysers or analysis operators (institutions, regulating legal framework, actors, objectives and methodology, organisation and management of such academic activity) which we considered to be related with such academic activity within the context of a university or professional school and which we understood may be regarded as useful and representative of the whole of Spain.
The new framework of disciplinary and professional opportunities offered to us from the European Space for Higher Education (ESHE) could be the main destination of this modest contribution.


institutional analysis; nursingpractical-clinical teaching

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Análisis de la organización institucional de las prácticas clínicas en la Diplomatura de Enfermería